Depression/Anxiety Screening at Canisius

College can be challenging and overwhelming. College students are working to juggle school, work, social life, finances and for new students, a transition to a new environment. Because of this, college students are vulnerable to experiencing depression and/or anxiety. Research shows that nearly 1 in 5 university students are affected with anxiety or depression.
The Counseling Center is sponsoring Depression and Anxiety Screening Day on Wednesday September 26, from 9:30am – 2:30pm on the second floor of Old Main. These screenings are brief, confidential and anonymous. Students will have the opportunity to complete a screening and meet briefly with a counselor. Students who feel they may benefit from connecting with a counselor are offered referrals to the Counseling Center and to off campus resources.

Canisius College is also starting an Active Minds chapter on campus. Active Minds is a community of support which empowers students to join together to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. An information session is being held at 4pm on Wednesday October 2 in Old Main 219. Interested students are encouraged to attend.
For more information about the services and offerings of the Counseling Center, click here.