This month we are shining a tutor spotlight on Cory Cherven. Cory is a junior Mathematics and Computer Science major at Canisius. He is one of our top math tutors and is consistently busy helping students get a better understanding of math. There are not many problems that he cannot figure out. He always has a positive attitude that makes students feel comfortable when coming in to meet with him. Even though students often come in frustrated and uneasy, Cory never fails to encourage them while helping them through their problem areas. He understands that for many non-math majors, comprehending math often seems daunting. Cory works to help these students understand topics more fundamentally, and to see graphically and conceptually how math works in order to better prepare them to move on in their chosen field. “The result, the deeper understanding and independence, is so rewarding to me and to the student that it keeps both of us coming back to learn from and teach one another time and time again” says Cory.
Beyond tutoring mathematics with us, Cory also enjoys a diverse range of interests. Along with mathematics and computer science, he is also involved with the Spanish Language department at Canisius. He has been playing the cello for 10 years and continues to do so with the Canisius Chamber Orchestra, studying and practicing whenever possible. He also spends his free time working with Justice for Migrant Families to provide support and education to immigration detainees in Batavia’s Buffalo Federal Detention Facility. In addition to all of this, he works as an assistant manager at NOCO Express (a local convenience store). One fun fact about Cory is that he has coded several applications for the Amazon Echo platform. Cory is a great part of our team, and we appreciate all he does to ensure that students feel more confident in their math ability.