By now, your student has received information about completing the MyCanisius Checklist. The checklist is comprised of a number of important items which need to be addressed before the start of the fall semester. If your student has not yet started on the checklist, they can go to and log into MyCanisius with their username and password.

Here is a sample of the checklist. It is broken into three sections: Incomplete, In-Progress and Completed Items. If the green line under My Progress notes 100% completed, then your student is good to go!

As with most things, the sooner the information is completed and submitted, the better the outcome. This is one of the first steps for your student to begin taking on new responsibilities as a college student.

If you have any questions about the new student checklist, please contact the Griff Center for Academic Engagement at 716-888-2170.

New Student Checklist