We are all anxious for the start of the new fall semester! For some families, this marks an exciting milestone when your son or daughter is just beginning their college journey at Canisius. For others, you are watching your children grow in their knowledge and maturity as the years march on.

Whether you are new to our Canisius family or are already familiar with us, we have a number of exceptional student services available to you and students to help with the transition into the new semester. This monthly newsletter features articles and facts that every parent should know, including information about offices and services that are available at Canisius. These are important resources to help students thrive and make the most of these years, and for parents, helpful tools that will bring you some peace of mind.

You have nurtured, educated, and prepared your child well for this exciting time in their lives. Trust now that Canisius’ highly dedicated faculty and staff are here at every step of the way to assist them on the road ahead.

For 150 years, Canisius has defined excellence in education through exceptional teaching, student services, personalized attention, and support. Our history, reputation, and Catholic, Jesuit mission will be at the center of our Sesquicentennial celebrations this year. Thank you for joining our legacy and investing in the future of Canisius.

Very truly yours,

John J. Hurley, President