Prompt 2

How much do you know about edTPA? What do you think cooperating teachers should know about edTPA? How would you help another cooperating teacher prepare to work with a student teacher who is completing an edTPA?

Prompt 3

What supports did Canisius College offer you and your student teacher in relation to the edTPA? Which of these were most helpful to you and  your student teacher? Which were not helpful? What other supports do you think are needed?

Prompt 4

Given the edTPA, how do you think student teaching should be designed? How many weeks? How many placements? When would the best time be for a student teacher to complete the edTPA?

Prompt 5

Some student teachers had an opportunity to “loop” – stay with the same cooperating teacher for more than one semester. If this was your situation, how did it work? If you didn’t have this situation, do you think it would advantageous? What benefits/challenges do you...