2018 Workshop Series

WordPress is a web development toolset powering almost a third of the internet.  It is used for big-traffic professional websites but is surprisingly friendly to beginners.  Faculty, staff and students use WordPress to create and maintain websites for offices, projects, blogs, and professional portfolios.

In this workshop, Prof. Ben Dunkle helps participants get into the basics of building and maintaining websites and blogs.  Learn how to author attractive, functional content on the web, and develop skills useful for presenting yourself, your work, and your organizations to the world.

Mr. Ben Dunkle, Professor in Digital Media Arts, teaches courses in graphic design, web design, and fine arts.  He has overseen the development of numerous interactive projects, designed and coded web-based applications, created custom fonts, icons, logos and graphical assets used on millions of websites, and built curricula for educating future web designers and developers.  Mr. Dunkle works on the WordPress open source project, designing icons for the administration environment. He is committed to empowering individuals who want to learn web design, and organizes bi-monthly meetup groups and conferences focused on WordPress and web design.