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Creation Card Game

Creation Card Game

Many cultures use creation stories to explain where humans and gods came from and why the world is the way it is.  These examples of ancient stories highlight common themes in creation stories.  This game can help teach about these stories, reinforce class lessons, and inspire creativity to think about how we understand the world. These stories exist in many versions and these cards are just a snapshot of the stories.  I hope that this game will introduce players to the stories and encourage them to investigate these and other stories on their own.


I started developing this game in Fall 2017 for use in my Religious Studies and Theology classes at Canisius College.  I have always been interested in mythology and remember reading many different creation stories.  I discuss these stories in many of my courses and decided to try to create a game to help students learn the details of the different stories but also to help highlight some of the common themes.  See Background page for more information about the individual stories. (coming soon)

Game Play and Teaching Uses

This game includes summaries of eight creation stories.  There are six cards for each story.  Multiple modes of play are possible – solo play “Solitaire” style, matching “Go-Fish” style for multiple players, or creative play using randomly selected cards to write a new creation story.  While I hope people will have fun playing the game, I also hope that they will start to see parallels and common themes in the stories and think about how these stories came to be.  See Teaching page (coming soon) for further information and CreationCardSummaryfor an outline of the stories used in the game.

How to get a copy

The game is available as a printable download (“Pay what you want”) and as a print-on-demand Card Deck through For more information see Ordering page (coming soon).



The versions of the creation stories used in this game are adapted from The Big Myth, a collection of animated retellings of creation stories from around the world, with permission from Fiona Passantino.  I’m excited at the opportunity to collaborate with a project I have used in the classroom for a long time.

I would like to thank the many students who have play-tested this game and to the colleagues who gave input on the development and production of the game.  I would especially like to thank the staff at for their patient assistance.

Cover Photo:  “Free Earth Stock Photo” from Pinter

©2019, Jonathan D. Lawrence.  This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.