Learn to tell the whole story in new and exciting ways through the Journalism major at Canisius.  As one of Canisius’ newest majors, the journalism program has been created to prepare you for the most modern advances in journalism and cross-platform news and feature reporting, including: Interactive media, Writing for digital media including social media (Facebook, Twitter, blogging), Web and mobile device design, and Video and audio production.

No career has evolved more in the last 10 years, nor provided the extensive array of cutting-edge opportunities, as journalism has.


The major is designed to prepare students for the rapidly-changing field of journalism with opportunities for specialization in one of three areas of concentration: Sports Broadcast and Journalism; Narrative Journalism; and Multimedia Journalism.


Sports Broadcast and Journalism centers on the knowledge and skills needed to report on sports at the collegiate or professional level for print or broadcast media outlets, including producing live sports broadcasts.

Narrative Journalism centers on long-form writing, including magazine articles, series, investigative reporting and non-fiction books.

Multimedia Journalism centers on telling news stories for print, broadcast and the web through a full range of story platforms.


  • Tell stories in a way that is appropriate for multiple platforms, often all in the same day in a highly visual way.
  • Understand social media, as news organizations rely more and more on a Facebook and Twitter presence.
  • Be able to direct traffic to many pages of the news organizations’ websites and to design publications that can be navigated easily.
  • Be firmly grounded in the social responsibility/social justice theory of the press.


  • Provide a truthful, comprehensive and intelligent account of news events or issues in a context which gives meaning
  • Provide a forum for the exchange of comment and criticism
  • Act responsibly for the presentation and clarification of the goals and values of society