Hello, my name is J’vion(jay-vee-on) Love and I am a Senior Digital Media Arts major set to graduate this summer. I just started my internship at Buffalo City Hall two days ago. Here, I manage the social media page Hertel Walls on Instagram and Facebook. Hertel Walls is a public art project created by Delaware District Council Member Joel Feroleto and the Albright-Knox Art Gallery in 2017. It displays all of the murals on Hertel Ave. I am also assigned to update the Hertel Walls website with new and updated murals, as the site has not been updated since 2019. The website was made using GoDaddy. While I have never used GoDaddy before, it is something I look forward to learning. There is an event on June 10th and 11th called the Hertel Alley Mural Fest. There I am to take photos and videos at the event of the murals and artists. Lastly, I will be working in the mayor’s office performing various tasks.

Leading up to the internship, I was pretty excited. I could not wait to gain experience from a real work environment with professionals. Although I was a bit nervous before I started, getting the general information on what I needed to do beforehand made it easier for me to start versus walking in blind. Also I have done an internship outside of Canisius in the past, so this isn’t my first rodeo. I am settling in pretty quickly. I’ve met new people, attended a couple of city council meetings, and started to familiarize myself with the building.