I am so grateful for my time interning with Edible WNY and my supervisor. This semester has been filled with a lot of unfortunate events in my life, but through all that, my internship supervisor was nothing short of helpful, empathetic, supportive, etc. My goal for this internship was to learn more about sales and to get better at selling. Although my internship was cut a little bit short, I was still able to do all of this. The most important aspect I learned about was patience, and learning that sometimes in sales you will simply not get an answer. In sales you are used to getting hard no’s, and you just have to take that on the chin and keep going. However, something I learned about this internship in particular was that sometimes you won’t even get a no, you will simply not get an answer at all. And again, you just have to take that and keep going with it. I definitely think that this internship has taught me patience but most importantly, perseverance. These benefits are something that I will take and use my entire life, not just in college or shortly after college. I thoroughly enjoyed my internship and wish I could do it again.