It took a while to get settled at Roswell, but I eventually found my groove. I was intimidated when I started and had to spend some time learning how the team operated. For instance, I worked on a project for several weeks with very little feedback, which at first made me feel like my work was pointless. However, I eventually got some very positive feedback on that project, as well as a few other videos I was working on. This was encouraging and helped me feel more welcomed and appreciated. It also gave me the confidence to ask more questions and be more vocal. The adjustment period was longer than I expected but I had to trust that I would eventually feel comfortable. Additionally, I got to attend some really cool shoots and learn about lighting and setting a scene. The videos they produce at Roswell feel similar to documentary, which I had never dabbled in. This experience taught me about adapting to new environments and pushing through discomfort as well as the technical aspects of video production.