Looking back at my internship this semester, I learned a great deal from working in a corporate environment. My main goals were to gain more experience in a professional corporate setting, further develop my writing skills, and learn what it means to work at a larger business. I would say that I accomplished all three of these goals. This was everything I had hoped for and more. The positive environment at Rich Products fostered innovation and collaboration among associates. Some benefits I think the internship has had was working with two different internship supervisors. I was able to see different management styles in only one semester. This was because my initial internship supervisor had received a promotion during the time I was there. Developing my written communication skills was also a benefit from this experience. It will have a lasting impact as I move forward in my college career and beyond because it is a necessary skill to possess in the workplace. Overall, this experience has been very beneficial and has given me valuable life lessons I can take to my next internship and future jobs.