This is a very strange feeling that this is my second to last assignment of the rest of my college career. You’re telling me that I have to walk across a stage in exactly 22 days? Scary.

My “final thoughts” at my internship however, will not come to a close once I walk across said stage. I have been asked to stay throughout the course of the summer – or until I land myself a “big girl job” which is currently in the works at marketing firms across Buffalo. I was pretty surprised when my supervisor asked me when my last day was (for the credit count), and then turned it into a whole pitch on wanting me to stay and help out with their social media and marketing team (while also getting paid!) So, needless to say, I’m overly relieved that I’ve at least figured out what I’m doing for the summer.

At one point during this semester, I was setting up for a birthday in the office. This is a routine thing, everyone gets celebrated, but uniquely with things they like, like special treats, favorite colors, sports teams, the whole deal. This specific month, maybe it was March, we had four birthdays within one single week. It was put up, tear down, put up, tear down, the entire time- no one shared a cake, no one shared a day, everyone got their own time to be recognized. While I was setting up for the third time that week, a co-worker came up to me in the kitchen and said “You will never find a company – a family – like this anywhere else. I couldn’t imaging spending my time anywhere else but here. No other company that I’ve been at does things like this”. And at that moment, I knew when it comes time for me to leave and move on with my life, it’s going to hurt- really bad.

The entirety of this internship has been nothing but an insane learning experience and I can not say one bad thing about any one in this office. I have truly loved – and will continue to love since I’ll be here this summer – all of the opportunities that come my way and all of the people that I’ve met along the way. Everyone has trusted me more than I probably trusted myself with work and assignments that I eventually figured out to do. I’ve bugged and nagged other co-workers in my field to help me with x y z, and even spent days at a time sitting at someone else’s desk to learn their art, and still had a great time doing it. I believe that I’ve grown an ton throughout this internship, and it’s really given me a taste of the real world which was my goal at the end of the day.

My supervisor: what a girl boss. She knows what she wants, and she’s taught me how to then get it. She leads me in a certain direction, but will always want me to push back on her and stick up for myself and my thoughts. She takes my opinions seriously when I do speak up, and I think that speaks volumes on her character, and doesn’t just brush the intern off. She’s always trying to network me and connect me with people that could help my future take off, but she also knows my boundaries and when I’ve had enough. She makes me feel welcome and loved here, and has taught me how to make others feel that way in the office as well. She includes me on everything – meetings, emails, calls, charities, fundraising – you name it, and she wants me to learn from every little thing that happens as Arc, and I can only hope that the rest of this Internship Seminar class had exposure to things like I did – as often as I did, too.

I truly can not thank Arc Building Partners enough for taking me on earlier this year, but happily, I don’t have to thank them all just yet.