Hello everyone, I hope you have enjoyed your time at your internships this semester, and made great progress in your field. I certainly have myself, as I am finishing up at WIVB Channel 4 as their sports intern. It has been a productive semester as I have done everything from shadow a reporter at Sabres games, to helping with equipment utilization, to getting filmed reading stand-up reads, to working on video editing skills. I really feel as though I have added a significant amount to my portfolio as a journalist and reporter based on my experiences at Channel 4. I would encourage other students to intern at news stations as well, as you will gain valuable industry skills, and can make a great impression with the station. While nothing formal has come of it yet, I feel as though I am in a good relationship with WIVB, and might be someone of interest for an opening there, or at a position at an affiliate station. I have to thank WIVB for a great semester, and I look forward to what will come next.