As my very first internship, I could not have asked for a better experience or better people to work with. Before even starting this internship, it already meant so much to me to be working for an organization centered around the Hispanic community, being Mexican myself and missing the culture I grew up in in Texas. Working with other Hispanic people at my internship, I immediately felt welcome and at home. Every single person I have worked with is so passionate about wanting to uplift the Buffalo community and this has really inspired me in turn.

I came into this internship with the goals of improving my interpersonal skills, learning how to interact in a professional setting, and connecting with members of the Buffalo community. I feel that I have not only met, but exceeded, these goals and I feel a lot more assured in my skills within journalism and communications. Through various networking events and meetings, I have become more confident in my abilities to interact and network with other professionals in my area. Being perceived in a more professional setting has always made me nervous, but this internship has given me experiences to draw on in the future. I have also made many connections that I hope can lead to opportunities after graduating.

Overall, I have really enjoyed my time at the Hispanic Heritage Cultural Institute and all of the things I have learned. Thank you to Dr. Irwin for helping me get involved with this internship. I am very grateful to be a small part of Hispanic history in Buffalo and to contribute to something that is going to help so many. I cannot wait until the Institute is up and running so that everyone can experience it!