I am extremely happy with what I did in my internship at Buffalo Rising this semester. I was a little unsure how it would play out when I went into it, but I can confidently say I have achieved my goals and created pieces that will be great for my portfolio. My last internship was with the Ken-ton Bee, and I definitely had more structure there. But I have really enjoyed making my own schedule and my own timetable with Buffalo Rising. I wrote three articles on restaurants in Buffalo that were well-researched, reported, and written, and I’m extremely proud of them (I still have one more coming!). Overall, I really liked my experience with Buffalo Rising, and I think it’ll help me in the future with journalism jobs since I have experience coming up with ideas and managing my time.

If you are curious about what I’ve written, or want to read any of my article, the link to them is below! I hope everyone had a successful and rewarding semester at their internships!