The networking event I went to was the Griff Fair at Canisius. There were roughly 60 businesses there, all of them being local companies. Many of the companies there did not have much to do with IMC but I did meet with a couple companies regarding internships and jobs for post graduation. One of the companies that I was most interested in was Rich Products. I spoke with a woman named Bridget there who gave me good information regarding the company and what types of jobs they offer for entry level candidates. For me it was the a little challenging to put myself out there because I have never had to do that before. From this experience I gained courage on how to put my name out there to companies and start making connections with people at many businesses. The most important thing I learned was starting making connections now, even with businesses that may not pertain to your degree because you never know who those people could introduce you to or where that connection may lead you.