I attended the Griff Fair networking event back on March 15. It was a great experience being able to speak with area employers, and hear what they had to say and offer. Being that I am a second semester senior, it was all the more valuable to interact with company representatives that could become my future employers quite soon. I was sure to use the networking event skills I talked about in the last discussion board post- actively listening, as well as speaking myself when the time was right to ask questions, and not just standing back. Specifically, I spoke with Delaware North and Pegula Sports and Entertainment representatives. They both explained the basis of each of their companies, and what positions they house. It was intriguing to hear this information, as some of it meshed with what I hope to enter a career in. I then asked questions regarding some of the positions and more general information about each of the companies. It was important that I both listened and spoke in my opinion, taking care of communication on both ends. I am glad to have attended this event, and will look for any others that may pop up in the near future.