Recently, I was able to attend an event in celebration of Women in Construction Week at Seneca 500 with my supervisor. While we were there, I was introduced to many powerful and confident women in the industry and I was able to get my name out there- and added a few LinkedIn connections too. Upon entering into the event, I thought it was just a happy hour but with coffee and donuts at 9am, but it was so much more than that. We were able to be apart of a declaration ceremony by the recipient as they got Mayor Byron Brown to declare that March 5-11 in Buffalo. NY, will continue to be Women In Construction Week! It was really special to be able to be a part of that historical moment. This was not the first event that I had the chance to go to. My supervisor is very big on getting my name out there and pretty much marketing myself as “ready to work” after this internship. It makes me a little sad knowing that I might not be able to continue working here after this semester- this company is small, and chances are that there won’t be a spot for me, but I completely understand. Just being at this position right now and having the chances to go to these events will help me in the long run and regardless of what happens after this semester, I’ll always be grateful for Arc Building Partners.