This semester I attended a women’s leadership networking event. At this event I was able to learn about influential female leaders in the Buffalo community. Most of the speakers at the event had attended Canisius before launching their amazing careers. Since I also attend Canisius, this made for a great talking point with the majority of the speakers. 

My favorite speakers were two twin sisters named Alicia and Alisa. The sisters own Unapologetic Coffee on Main street. They explained their backgrounds and that they opened the small business knowing it was going to be a lot of hard work. They also told us that they chose the location of their shop on Main street knowing that there were not a lot of affordable coffee shops located in the area and they wanted to give back to the community. Their coffee shop focuses on the social responsibility of ethnic diversity and representation. 

After the amazing speech they both gave, I had the honor of getting to chat with them after the event to learn a little more about their story. Being the coffee lover I am, my friends and I decided to go check out the shop for ourselves. The barista was awesome and the shop was super cute! It’s located at 1375 Main Street for anyone that wants to go support a 100% women owned local business in Buffalo!

At Unapologetic Coffee on Main Street