Hello all, my name is Hunter Lobur Cummins. I am a senior majoring in journalism and communications. I am interning at WIVB Channel 4 as their sports intern for this semester. My duties include being present at the news station to watch live broadcasts in order for me to see how they operate, as well as attending Buffalo Sabres practices, media availability sessions, and games to see how those are covered, and to assist the sports reporter in her duties at the station and at practices and games. I will also be creating a stand-up reel of on-camera recordings for me to take away with me. I am very excited to take on this role, as I want to be an on-camera sports personality once I graduate. The reporter with whom I’m working was an intern here as well, so that proves that there is an advantage to already having a foot in the door. I have gotten acclimated with the news station and attending practices, and I will be attending my first game as an intern on 2/1. I feel as though I am a great fit, and I look forward to what will come next at Channel 4! I hope everyone else is enjoying their first weeks at their internships as well.