Hello Everyone!

My name is Isabel Calabrese and for the Spring 2023 semester I am doing my internship at Quinlan, which is an ad agency in Buffalo. To show off myself, I’ve decided to post a picture of my name tag because it is what I am most proud of. Apparently, previous interns didn’t need to get a nametag so me having one feels a bit special. That said, I’ll have to return this at the end of the internship, which makes me a bit sad. Still, I’d like to at least keep a picture of it even after my internship ends, so I am uploading it here:

My Cool Nametag

On that note, for this internship I’ll have a variety of tasks, but for the time being I’m doing research. More specifically, I am currently researching the use of Cannabis in NYS and the website analytics of another unrelated website. Additionally, my advisor loans me books and documentaries, to view and take notes on, to give me a better understanding of the industry I’m getting into. As the internship goes on I’ll be given different roles, but for the time being my primary role is to obtain information.

At my internship I’ve been given my own desk to sit at, which is rather spacious. I also have a computer at my desk. Moreover, after meeting with the boss, I was given a Quinlan branded leather folder, pen, and a pair of socks. I’ve also been given a new email to use at my internship, which makes me feel like a professional, in a way. Other than that, I have access to the break room and have the ability to take as many water bottles as I want. They’ve even given me a free parking pass! Overall, I’m looking forward to my time at this internship.