My experience at the studio was not something I expected from an internship. I had never been in a studio space and it was filled with so many things I had never seen before. My goals were to get more practice using cameras and other equipment, help create 10 Instagram reels, and assist with video shoots. I did all of these things, but not to the degree I had hoped. I did a lot of observing and shadowing rather than actually using the equipment. I was able to help with setting up gear and finding it in their giant gear room, and I learned a lot about equipment I had never seen before. I also gained more insight into this area of the industry and how I fit in it. I do not think I could work in social media marketing because of how active you have to be on social media. I try to keep my distance from it, but I noticed this was difficult at my internship because I had to do research on Instagram. The guys at the studio were also checking Instagram all day, which is not something I want to do. I am grateful for the experience and learned a lot. I am excited for my internship next semester at Roswell because I will be exposed to a different aspect of the industry that I think may be a better fit.