It’s hard to find a place to start when talking about my internship. PUNT was such an awesome place to intern and I would highly recommend it to any other students. They gave me many opportunities and hands-on experience. I worked on their small and inclusive team which made me feel like one of them. Hardly ever was I doing busy work or running errands for them. I constantly had fun things to do and got to test out all different types of skill sets. By this I mean I got a taste of PR, event management, social media marketing, and even being a project director. I got to see all sorts of cool and different things happen. I achieved my main goal and that was deciding what I wanted to do when I graduated. Before this internship, I had no idea what I’d want to do but by mid-semester, I learned exactly what I wanted to do. This internship is great for someone that isn’t exactly sure because you get to do so many different things here. I would highly recommend this internship to anyone and even if you don’t exactly figure out what you’d like to do, their team has many connections that can get you there and help you out.