-Gloire Ndagano

What a journey this was . Interning at Buffalo State College was huge honor . I did accomplish a lot , my experience there was great . I was able to work so much with the football and soccer teams. It helped me improve my photography skills especially being able to work alone ; but also being supervised when it would be time to turn my work in. The in-class activities were also fun and very much engaging. I was able to meet new people in class which is always a good thing. It also helped me focus on the major components of an internship and processes of getting a good job later in life.This internship helped me become confident in my work , especially being given the role to direct and shoot a video. When I did the “Thank you” video with all sport teams involved, I was able to lead and create it all on my own. That was a great experience especially as a photography and video editor that I am. I would really encourage someone else to at least sign up for an internship . It is important plus it helps you understand and actually figure out what you want to do later in life. I wish you all well and I hope you did learn something from your internship journey .