This past Fall semester I attended a networking event. I actually attended more than one! The first one I attended was HomeCOMing and it was held in the Science Hall building here at Canisius College. It was a networking event put on by the communication department and was quite successful. Many students, staff, and alumni had shown up for the event. It was quite relaxed as there were refreshments, name tags, and tables to sit at it. I didn’t find it find it too stressful except for at the beginning, I didn’t really know who to talk to or approach. One thing that kept going through my head is what if I start talking to someone who has no background in what I want to do at all. Other than that I had a lot of fun, I went there with other classmates and we had refreshments at the table while we waited for the room to fill up. The nice part about having classmates there is that you didn’t necessarily need to network alone, you could at least start the conversation at a table with what felt like a wingman. That made it a little less awkward and took some pressure off. The most memorable experience I gained from this event specifically was meeting a new professor I didn’t know before. She was so awesome and easy to talk to, it’s evident she’s helped many of her students out with figuring out their next steps so maybe she can help me down the road too!