I attended the 2022 HomCOMing event in Science Hall. I could not attend last year, so I was super pumped about attending this time around. The event was a great opportunity to network with COM department alums. It was a very casual setting, full of meaningful conversations over finger foods. I spoke with many talented professionals who gave very valuable advice. I even made it a point to speak with those that did not work in my field of interest. From internship directors to account coordinators, I wanted to hear all about their personal and professional experiences.

David Jackson, a freelancer and content producer at Mower, offered his wisdom. He said something to the effect that life after graduation is not linear and not to let it discourage you from pursuing your passion. Another insightful piece of advice I heard was from Jamieson, a graphic designer. He said interviews should not be one-sided, something I still needed to realize. Both parties are there to discover if the company is a good fit not only for them but you too. These interactions helped relieve some of my anxiety about job interviewing and made me more confident about the process.

Attending this networking event at Canisius was more than beneficial. I had great discussions with various professionals, and after the event, I connected with some on LinkedIn. Not only did it help expand my connections, but it helped strengthen my networking skills. I always look forward to events like this because of the incredible people I meet that I might not have otherwise.