-Gloire Ndagano

Hello, everyone. My name is Glorie Ndagano. This semester I’ve been doing my internship at Buffalo State College. It has been so far an amazing experience. Working with their Athletic Communication department, I have been given the role to take pictures for their sports teams. Two weeks ago I was also able to direct and shoot a thank you video for their donors which featured athletes from each sport that they have. It is one of the best opportunities I have been given which is able to help me practice more and better my craft.

I am looking forward to a great learning experience since I am so much into content creation including photography, videography and more. I am pleased about the responsibilities given to me in order to grow and face challenges as an intern. I am looking forward to working with more sport teams before this semester Is over. My goal is to become a better person in that working environment and make sure that I take away as much knowledge as possible to use in the future.

I hope everyone is also enjoying their internship; looking forward to seeing how this semester will end up for each one of us.