Hi everyone! My name is Dylan Benedict; I am a senior at Canisius College. I double major in Communication Studies and Integrated Marketing Communication. It is my second week at my internship at Tops Friendly Markets. My internship is in digital marketing with a concentration in social media.

I am responsible for creating content across Tops’ social media accounts, like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. This week I started creating an Instagram content calendar for October. It is a fun time of year for content, focusing on ideas for Halloween, Fall, and Football. I have also begun conducting a social media competitive analysis and a Tops SWOT analysis. In addition, I am working on a long-term project to revamp Tops’ Pinterest page. I have been tasked to create engaging content to boost audience engagement on the platform. I have yet to manage a Pinterest account, so this will be a new challenge that I am excited to take on.

So far, I am settling in nicely and slowly adapting to the company’s culture. Looking ahead, I am eager to start writing blog posts. It will be an excellent opportunity to work on my copywriting skills. I also look forward to collaborating more with the marketing team to create quality content.