Hi everyone! My name is Hannah Fischer and I am a senior majoring in Digital Media Arts, Journalism, and Environmental Studies. I am interning at Full Circle Studios again this semester. My responsibilities at the film studio include editing footage together, filming, reading scripts, creating and reading film proposals, among other tasks. I will also be continuing the project proposal of the Visual Survey of the Lake Erie Watershed. Overall,I will be learning the ins and outs of working in the film industry.

Leading up to my internship, I was not very nervous, as I am returning to where I worked last year. I am comfortable with my supervisor and everyone else I work with and I was excited to begin working with them again. I’ve only gone in once so far and that day was their open house for the new studio, so I have not gotten much work done so far. However, I got to meet a lot of people and got a better introduction to the new spaces, which includes a much larger studio and green screen area. I am excited to begin some projects and for the rest of the semester!