Hello! I am Reese Howlett, a current senior in the IMC program with a Business minor. This Fall semester I am remotely interning with a private Consultant. As an intern for Nina Barone Consulting LLC, I will be aiding in a number of different projects to support brand strategy, content marketing, and public relations. Tasks such as giving perspective on social media strategies and brainstorming, particularly on platforms such as LinkedIn, TikTok, and more. Additionally, I will help conduct research for influencer campaigns and projects for many brands, including a video series and a celebrity chef partnership, as well as support PR activations and social media tactics for each. I am very excited to get started and aid in the launching of many exciting projects.

I am looking forward to not only build up my portfolio and resume, but also get a look at the remote professional world. I also am very excited to work a bit in the food industry as that is one of the industries I am wanting to work in. Although I’m going into my second week as an intern, so far I am settling in great! I have my at-home set up, and am getting used to the programs such as Asana that my supervisor is having me use. Although remote, my supervisor and I are planning on meeting once a week or biweekly at a coffee shop to touch base face to face! I’m very excited to see what the future holds.