From May 2022 to July 2022 I contributed my online presence at Buffalo Rising as a social media intern. I enjoyed this experience immensely and it foreshadowed me becoming a potential social media content specialist in this field. I launched their TikTok page which they will use as the company moves forward. They wanted me to create TikTok since that is what businesses are leaning towards for marketing purposes due to its algorithm to easily reach people on or off TikTok. By it being budget friendly (where you only need a smart phone to create and post content, not getting software or a camera) you need a simple yet captivating idea to grab anyone’s attention within a video that lasts under a minute. TikTok has features where you can access trending songs on the app which you can use in your videos to get more engagement for your account. It also has user generated content meaning you as an individual have to post content where you can turn yourself into a brand and establish yourself in the virtual world.

Every day I looked forward to taking on tasks for the company and to see them grow in the process. Both Buffalo Rising and I have benefited from this internship. I am excited for the new opportunities in my future endeavors.

The staff at Buffalo Rising were nothing but positive and supportive my entire time there, whether it was asking a question or providing constructive feedback about my recent posting. I was applauded for everything I pursued there. It is everything you want in a work atmosphere which made me strive to do my best because they allowed me to go to any event (as long it was in the Buffalo area) and applauded me for making connections across the city. Through this internship, I had a deeper appreciation for Buffalo than I already had since there is so much culture and history that goes unnoticed in this city so I was glad to be a part of this learning experience at Buffalo Rising. Even though it was my first internship, I have successfully met my goals. While I am still at a starting level I want to not only get better, but get noticed locally and create a name for myself in the process.

Overall, I have nothing but great things to say about Buffalo Rising and I suggest you should check out either their website or social media to see what I am talking about. A special thank you to Canisius College, Buffalo Rising and Dr. Irwin for making this happen. I am beyond grateful for this opportunity.