Hi, my name is Gabrielle Guzinski. I am a social media intern for Buffalo Rising. I am rising senior at Canisius College and I’m on the Women’s D1 Rowing team here as well! My two majors are Integrated Marketing Communication and Digital Media Arts. I am around the third week mark at this internship and have learned so much in such a short amount of time. It is a team of nine people (including myself) who give weekly news- based updates about things that are happening in Buffalo, NY.

During my first week, I mostly sat through morning zoom calls run by Jessica Marinelli where I was walked through what the expectations are for my time here. My tasks include running their Instagram account to post to stories while editing the video content I get my from each event to then be put as a highlight to be seen on their profile by their audience.

My second week entailed meeting another member of Buffalo Rising, Liberty Darr. She went with me to Delaware Park’s Hoyt Lake to familiarize me with filming from my phone and we attended a boat launch by the Buffalo Maritime Center. While at this location we were able to obtain footage of boats made by Buffalo Public School’s students who were able to showcase their hard work making a boat from scratch over the course of an entire school year. This was a truly life changing event for the youth. After the event was over Liberty helped me learn the appropriate shooting techniques to get the shots Buffalo Rising wants for their Instagram Story. We then pieced all the video clips together which helped me understand the attention to detail and organizational skills needed to create a storyline for this event.

I am kicking off my third week by doing solo story gathering trips. I will be going to Buffalo River Works for a concert on Wednesday, to a Downtown Mural Walk on Thursday, and on Saturday I will be going to Nusantra Arts Free Wayang kulit shadow puppet and gamelan show. On Sunday I will be headed to the Buffalo Zoo to cover their night event, Zoomagination.

All in all, I am so thankful for this opportunity. I am able to have a meaningful connection to Buffalo and Buffalo Rising due to this great experience. I am looking forward to what the rest of this internship has in store for me and my future too!

Here I’m enjoying the Pride Festival where I gathered video content for Buffalo Rising, and also got to experience this event for myself. I am pictured on the far right.