For my last semester at Canisius College, I had the pleasure of working as an Account Service Intern at Crowley Webb. It has always been on my “professional” bucket list to work for a full service advertising agency. The exciting clientele and the fast-paced nature of the work has always intrigued me. But despite the myths that often swirl around what interns do, my experience was far from that…

MYTH: The Advertising World is Boring

Whether you’re into advertising, marketing, writing, video production, or design– there is no better way to get exposure to a variety of companies and communication disciplines than working at an agency. 

The sheer scope of clients at Crowley Webb is expansive, ranging from large corporations to small nonprofits. Crowley Webb embodies the term “hard work,” with a fully integrated approach there is always work to be done for our amazing clients.

MYTH: Companies Only Want Interns With Experience

Believe it or not, your supervisor doesn’t expect you to know it all! Being an intern is about being a sponge, absorbing all the information that comes your way. It’s admitting that you don’t know it all but you’re eager and ready to learn and grow as a professional. One piece of advice, as an intern myself, is to ask pertinent questions. For one, it shows your interest in the work you’re doing and proves that you’re eager to learn.

MYTH: Internships Aren’t Worth It

A college degree is great but experience in the field is what sets you apart. In my personal life I often say that I get more satisfaction out of real life experiences like trips, concerts, or events than I do out of materialistic items. The same thing goes for my professional life. The more experiences you are exposed through your internship, the more growth you’ll see within yourself professionally. 

FACT: I Love Being An Intern

Overall, after being an intern a total of 3 times, I can confidently say that it has been extremely fulfilling being an intern. My final words: An internship is what you make out of it. One thing I’ve learned is to always ask for what you want (within reason). Feel like you could take on more work? Interested in seeing what data analytics is all about? ASK! Most people, especially the people of Crowley Webb, would love your support and are willing to show you the ropes.