Looking back at the goals I set for my internship at Canisius College’s Athletic Communication Office, I hit everything I wanted to accomplish and more. I started my internship by working at Canisius hockey games helping record statistics for the game and deliver stat sheets to each of the team’s locker rooms in between periods. Also, I worked in the communication office four hours a week while working these games. In the office, I helped with any task that was thrown my way and helped in any way I could. While most of my tasks were small for the most part they were important to the operations of the athletic communication office.

In March, I got to experience probably one of the coolest experiences ever. Through my internship, I was able to the March Madness when it was here in Buffalo, NY at the Keybank Center. I learned how a big-time event like the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament operates. The event ran very smoothly and at certain points was fast-paced because everything was under time constraints. I had the task of running the timesheet in between the two games that were played. The timesheet let everyone know when everything was going to happen. This was a small task but it was very important to the operation of the whole event to make sure everything kept moving smoothly.

On April 20, I fulfilled a childhood dream and got to do my first TV broadcast ever. It was Canisius College’s Softball team taking on St. Bonaventure in a doubleheader. I did color commentary for the first game alongside fellow classmate Griffin Della Penna. The first two innings were not good at all because I was super nervous and made mistakes. As the game went on and with some help from Griffin, I became less nervous and got the hang of everything. It was a great learning experience and if I ever get the chance to broadcast again, I know I’ll be better prepared and way less nervous. I’m thankful that through my internship I was able to get this opportunity though.

I am grateful for my time at Canisius College’s Athletic Communication Office! I learned a lot about the sports industry and new skills I can take into my career. I would encourage every student to do an internship because they are very enlightening and will help you get ready for the real world.