Going into this internship I was very intimidated. I knew that I had little to no experience, and felt like I was really going to struggle with keeping up with expectations and reconsider choosing this path. I felt a lot of pressure because I knew that having this experience would either lead me to fall deeper in love with UX design or really hate it. I knew that in order to get the most out of this internship I would need a supervisor that would really challenge and push me. This internship was the perfect fit. 

Thinking back to my original goals, I was hoping to:

  1. Learn UX design basics
  2. Find clarity on whether or not I want to really pursue this career path
  3. Fill in the learning gaps from not being in an art or design program
  4. Learn how to create low and high fidelity prototypes

Throughout this internship, I learned UX design basics through the completion of several courses on Uxcel. I not only gained clarity on wanting to pursue UX design, but also fell in love with it. Although I cannot know every single gap I was missing in my design knowledge, I feel more than prepared now. Before, I didn’t even know what specifically I didn’t know- I was completely lost. Now, I feel like I have really discovered my strengths and weaknesses throughout the entire process of creating my app. Along the way, I noticed skills I was lacking, and would reach out to my supervisor for resources so that I could learn and teach myself how to do them. 

During my time at Helm, I have created a mid-fidelity prototype made up of 184 artboards on Figma for my own app concept. This has been such an amazing and fun experience and would not have been possible without having such an incredible supervisor. I feel like I gained a lot of confidence while being here, and also now have clarity on what I need to do next.