I really enjoyed my time at Buffalo State College this semester calling the basketball, hockey, lacrosse, and softball games, as well as writing game previews for these sports. I wanted to be sure to accomplish the goal of being the play-by-play broadcaster for a collegiate program, and this came true throughout the semester. I was able to have my voice heard by game stream listeners, something that I had hoped for as well. My writing was also seen by website readers, so that was an added bonus. Gaining exposure in the sports media field is certainly valuable, and that is what this internship allowed for. I was able to make some really memorable calls, such as a goalie goal that ended up on ESPN’s SportsCenter Top 10, and a dunk from a 5’8 player, his first of his career. These moments and memories will stick with me for a lifetime. The relationship that I forged was successful enough to have me in line to return next semester to call the football, soccer, and early season portions of basketball and hockey games. It is important to have left on a good note, and in my case, good enough that your services are desired once again. I look forward to returning for another semester. The experience I have gained from my time at Buffalo State will certainly assist me in growing my portfolio for my career. I am eager to head on back come next semester, and create even more memorable and valuable moments in the field.