As the days dwindled down on my first internship through Canisius College, I can say I learned a lot as I take what I have learned from this internship and what I have learned in my time with Canisius with me to face what life will throw at me in the future.
Although the graphics I had created with Daemen University were pretty basic level, I am still very proud of what I had created in the time I had available. I can say I met my goal with not only creating sport specific graphics for each team, but also creating graphics for a specific campaign Daemen was doing during one of their men’s and women’s basketball games and whatever else they may have needed for a game. I can also say I was able to meet my goal of learning the program they were using for their video board on the scorer’s table. Having the free time to kind of play around in the program and see what happens definitely helped make learning it a lot easier.
Overall I believe the internship was a success. It was very rewarding seeing graphics I had made up on the video board for the people attending the game to see. I enjoy creating stuff and putting my mind and creativity on something. I believe this internship gave me a better confidence in my ability to create things from scratch and that I should never be afraid of what people will say about the things I create.
My supervisor Alexis was amazing and was always there if I needed her. I can say not only did I gain experience and knowledge during my internship, but I also gained some relationships with the people I came across throughout the internship. I thank Daemen University and Dr. Irwin for the great opportunity.