On Monday, May 10th, I attended the Communications Diversity + Media Career Summit. This was a virtual networking event held over Zoom which followed an in-person summit that was held in Brooklyn, NY. Recruiters were present from CBS News, CBS Sports, Hearst Television, NBCUniversal, Paramount, Rubenstein, and Warner Bros. Discovery. 

The event started with all of us on the call for about 5 minutes before we were put in our breakout rooms. We were told we would have two 20 minute rotations with a few recruiters and then they would conclude the event. 

After joining my breakout room, the first rotation was with Angelica Altamura and Yasmine Osborn from Hearst TV. The second rotation was with Kameron Waln and Sana Saeed from Warner Media + Discovery. 

They reassured each of us that we should still apply to jobs even if they require 3+ years of experience which we might not yet have, and focus more on selling ourselves through our cover letters to show that we would make the perfect candidate regardless. They mentioned that the candidates that make the best impressions are the ones that do their research about the company and also have the best personalities. This is because there will be many candidates that are the perfect fit on paper, which is why they will be looking for people whose personality stands out. Another thing they recommended was that we utilize LinkedIn’s learning courses to gain more skills within the field.

Even though we did not have a lot of time, I still found the experience to be very beneficial and interesting.