After what has essentially been an entire school year with the “Wrecking Crew,” I find myself, as with many other things, very nostalgic about my time interning with the local sports media company.

When I think back to what began as a backup plan, and eventually turned into my internship for two full semesters, it acts as just another reminder of how quickly time moves. It seems like it was merely a month or so ago I was timidly filming interviews on a beautiful Sunday on Chippewa, too afraid to make suggestions or even drink any of the water that was clearly available on the table. As I reflect on this semester, my senior year as a whole, and my entire college experience, this adds another layer to the treat I’ve gotten to experience the past four years.

This semester started with us trying to figure out the ways I could expand my role from last semester, in order to get new experiences and try new things. With the semester beginning in late January, and my internship continuing from the fall semester, I began some of those chances over winter break, and continued to involve myself in Trainwreck productions during the NFL Playoffs, CFB Championship, as well as the NHL regular season.

One thing I accomplished was meeting and networking with a lot of local media personalities. I knew that Trainwreck had some connections to begin with, but I didn’t realize how vast their network actually stretched, so I have to say that was a pleasant surprise and I got a chance to work with a couple of those local folks as well.

Another thing I set out to do was to work on the Buffalo Bracket, which I did, and it was ceremoniously won by Josh Allen. I was able to help design some of the elements in each region, and we talked about it regularly on our shows which were great. In addition, I also wanted to be able to attend Sabres games in a journalistic fashion, which I did, and I am glad I accomplished that as well.

Along with that, I also became a mainstay on the Crossing Swords Podcast, adding onto our Sabres-centered coverage and it goes without saying I really had a blast doing that as well.

With that said, along with the things that I probably should say but have neglected to in this final blog post, I am grateful for my internships, informational interviews, and connections I’ve made along the way. When I started at Trainwreck Sports, I was timid and hesitant, as I was joining an environment I was unfamiliar with.

However, I am thrilled to have spent the last several months with the folks on “The Wrecking Crew,” and I look forward to the likelihood that I continue to contribute for them, both in the near future at things like the Micah Hyde Charity Softball Game, and also by continuing our Sabres coverage at the NHL Draft Lottery and NHL Draft.

Again, I am a very sentimental person so it is difficult for me to say, but I am very appreciative of everyone who helped me along my college career with my internships and awesome experiences. Dr. Irwin and Dr. Hartman were both fantastic advisors in helping to improve my resume, as well as the countless emails back and forth to sort out where I’d be each semester.

Another thank you goes out to Buffalo Rising, for giving me a place to work and learn new things during a pandemic engulfed Fall of 2020, and of course thanks to the fooooooolks over at Trainwreck Sports for taking me in and giving me the opportunities to grow my own brand.

Stay safe, stay healthy, and we’ll see ya next time. Intern Vinnie signing off.