I attended The ADDY’s at 500 Pearl on March 4, 2022. This is a yearly event that highlights and awards amazing agency people, creative work, and campaigns of the past year. This years theme was “Who Dun Nit?” I attended the event with Crowley Webb, my current internship. They were incredibly kind to invite me.

I had never been to a networking event quite as nice as this one. I was told to “dress up” but had NO CLUE that people were going all out in fancy three piece suits, and long sparkly cocktail dresses. I settled with my leather blazer, straight leg dress pants, and platform loafers… Hoping to appear “on trend” but blend in enough with the crowd.

Prior to the award ceremony there was time to chat with fellow advertisers. I had only been at Crowley Webb for 2 days, so, I was most nervous about this part. Luckily, I was able to lead with: “We’ve met over Zoom, but never in-person!” or “It’s nice to finally see you in real life”. I was able to meet with and talk to the Account Director and several other Account Managers, whom I had never spoken with before but knew they were key people to meet (I want to eventually work in account/project management).

My best advice is to be yourself but be professional. People like working with good people– someone they can count on and trust. Oftentimes just being friendly can lead to a job!