For my networking event, I attended the Canisius College Griff Fair back on March 31st, which was held in Science Hall here on campus. Heading into the event, I was sure to dress well in order to give off a good enough impression to anybody I interacted with, and was pleasantly surprised to see the vast number of booths representing different companies there. Of course, not every organization in attendance was one that I was particularly interested in, but as a journalism and communications-minded person, I knew the ones I was looking for. After doing a couple of laps around the event, I had two of my more impactful conversations with WGRZ and Pegula Sports. Speaking with WGRZ, it was eye-opening to see the vast variety of opportunities at countless places across the country. It really made me think long and hard about where my future may take me and where I would be willing to let it take me. After exchanging information with their representative, it was very apparent just how expansive the TV business was. However, as a lifelong Buffalonian, getting the chance to find out more information about the Buffalo Sabres/Bills and Pegula Sports in general was what I probably took most from the entire experience. Speaking with their representative, I was able to connect with her and eventually apply for some upcoming openings within their departments, so hopefully that connection will help my chances. It just makes me realize that if I had not attended, I would not have been able to network in the way that I did and possibly would have lost out on an opportunity. Networking is extremely important, especially to somebody like me that graduates next month, so having that chance to go out and try to obtain more information/get my name out there was something I won’t regret.