The networking event I attended this semester was Canisius College’s job fair called Griff Fair. The event was held on March 31, 2022, at Canisius College’s Science Hall. The event was a great time and there were a lot of companies there looking for college students to potentially hire. I learned a good amount about networking events from Griff Fair and it’s an experience I won’t forget.

The companies that were at Griff Fair were very wide-ranged from M&T Bank to Pegula Sports and Entertainment to Geico to even a lumber company by the name of Baillie Lumber Co. I talked to a bunch of different companies at the event because I was curious to see what each company had to offer. Most of the companies I talked to had company recruiters there to talk to students. I first started out by talking to companies that I wanted to talk to because they had jobs in the field I want to go into after I graduate. The companies I talked to were Channel 2, Pegula Sports and Entertainment, the Buffalo Bisons, and RPI consultants. I had great conversations with each of those companies about opportunities and also got to know the recruiter and the company a little bit as well. After talking to them, I began to walk around and use a little piece of paper they gave us before going in to look for other companies that were looking for Communication Studies majors like myself. I found a couple more companies to talk to and connect with before I left.

Overall, the experience at first was stressful and nerve-racking, but after I got warmed up to talking to people at the fair, the experience was very pleasant. The biggest thing I took away from this event is standing out helps you make better connections. I made sure to wear a suit to the event and made sure my resume was printed out and on good firm paper to impress everyone I gave it to at Griff Fair. I did get a couple of compliments on how I was dressed and how nice the paper was that my resume was on. Another lesson I took away from this event is always to have a smile on your face because recruiters like to see that you are interested in their company and happy to talk to them. I would recommend to future students that take internship seminar to go to this event because it is a great learning experience and a fun time.