My name is Adam Gorski, I’m a senior doing my second internship at Canisius, and I’ve been working at Channel 7 WKBW here in Buffalo as a news intern for the past few weeks!

I’ve been doing a variety of different things, but mainly, I’ve been shadowing the many reporters around the office and going out on shoots with them. It’s been very fascinating to learn from them, as I’ve been a sports reporter for the majority of my journalism career and never really dipped my toes into the world of news. Learning the technical side, like some of the basics of working with the cameras, how to work the programs used to write stories, etc., has been fascinating too. I’ve done a little bit of work helping out with their social media team trying to find posts that could be used on the broadcast, and I also had the chance to watch a producer at work during a newscast, which was also something very intriguing. The many different facets of a newsroom has been quite crazy to see unfold in the first few weeks. As somebody that has been mainly print based before this internship, getting a grasp of new skills has been my favorite aspect of the internship thus far. I always say I want to be good at a lot of things and widen my horizons, and this kind of work environment allows me to do so!

Going forward, I really hope to get even more hands on experience and do some writing of my own, which I believe is in the works! Everybody in the newsroom has been so welcoming and nice, and the reporters I’ve spoken to have done nothing but offer me their help and connections, which is exactly what I was hoping I could try and get out of this internship. I’m looking forward to what comes next!

I also had my first article published the other day, a minor one, but still cool!