Hi! My name is Camdyn Rice and I’m a senior Digital Media Arts major at Canisius College. I’m about two weeks into my internship and I’m at Full Circle Studios and I really like the people I’m working with. It’s a small group of people, but I feel I can learn a lot from them, especially since it’s my first internship.

In the first week, I worked on a small animation and storyboard for a PSA for Family Promise, a homeless shelter program that helps keep families together. I also have started making logo designs for the 100th year of broadcasting in Buffalo, as well as started helping create a focus group for a survey around the experience of LGBTQIA+ teens today. I do love the variety of things I’m doing, having a small part in many different projects. I’ve been able to go in on Mondays and Fridays (and some Wednesdays) and I’m lucky that the building is so accessible for me.

Overall I feel I’m fitting in well and am comfortable with the people I’m with and work I’m doing. I believe this will be an eye opening experience and look forward to the rest of the semester!