Hi! My name is Khalil Gordon and I’m currently a senior majoring in IMC with a minor in English. I didn’t come into Canisius with an interest in communication — marketing communication least of all — but during my one and a half year stint in the program, it’s vastness in career options has roped me in entirely. 

This is my first time doing an internship, and I am thrilled to have ended up where I did. Bean Media Productions is a small online advertising and digital marketing agency just off of Niagara Falls Boulevard. 

Personally, digital marketing is not my strong suit, but as soon as my first interview with my supervisor I knew this was where I wanted to work. My interviewer was a man named Jeremy Mountain, the Director of Marketing for the company. His attitude — and the fact that he spoke more than I did as the interviewee — was telling of his passion for his work. A passion that was shared by his colleagues when I went in to meet the team. It was that intoxicating sense of investment in their work that made me, someone with no real investment in the digital side of advertising, want to devote a large portion of my semester to this company. 

I have only just started this week, February 1st to be specific and it is February 2nd as I am writing this. I spent most of my first day becoming acquainted with the programs that the company uses to track the online presence of their clients. Jeremy believes that it’s better to become familiar with the tools used before starting the job, and I am inclined to agree. 

I also had the opportunity to research some of the clients I will be working on. They are very diverse, which was something I’d hoped for. I wanted to work with different clients who required different solutions to their problems. 

To wrap up, I am beyond excited to be working with this team. I look forward to getting to know everyone better and getting more involved on various projects.