My name is Jenna Jaworowicz and I am a senior Integrated Marketing Communication major at Canisius. I came to Canisius as a Management major but felt like it was lacking the creative aspect I really needed. When the IMC major was launched, a girl in my sorority joined the program and recommended it to me. I fell in love with the mix of Marketing, Communications, and DMA classes. I especially loved all of my DMA classes and got more into graphic design and coding. This led me to discover UX design and made me want to pursue that path when starting the internship process. I was so excited when Dr. Irwin told me about Helm Experience & Design. I started as an intern with Helm the second last week of January. Upon earning the internship, my supervisor told me that I would be completing numerous design courses to fill in some of the gaps I have from not being a design major, and then move into helping on some client projects. 

Helm went remote so I do not have any pictures to show, but my experience so far has been amazing. In my first week, I started the first UX design course to help familiarize myself with Adobe XD. This course is about the absolute basics of Adobe XD as well as some simple design skills. In addition, I was introduced to some of the team and brought onto the programs they use for their communication and projects which include Slack, Notion, and Asana. I have also been able to sit in on client meetings with some of the team members which has been so exciting. 

Even though I do not have much experience and we are not able to meet in person, everyone has still been so welcoming to me. I cannot wait to get started on tasks for the team and fully immerse myself in all things UX design!