Hi, my name is Emma Schiedel and I’m a senior Integrated Marketing Communication major here at Canisius. This will be my third at final internship at Canisius and I feel like it’ll be the best one yet! This semester I am interning at Crowley Webb, an advertising agency located in downtown Buffalo.

Although I haven’t started yet, I have HUGE expectations. It seems that I will be working in project management, something I really feel like I could see myself doing after college.

There are some tasks as a project management intern that I assume will be involved during my time at Crowley Webb. I will work and assist Shannon with tasks such as data collection, analysis, and preparing strategic reports. I will meet with other people on the team, understanding their role in the big picture. I will sit in for a meeting involving the various companies and projects we are working on.

There are several goals that I plan to discuss and implement to get the most success out of this internship.

  • Assist in improving project productivity and performance. → find areas where there could be an improvement.
  • Expand my knowledge of how an agency operates. → teamwork, who does what? how is it correctly organized/implemented/completed?
  • Produce 3 high-quality blogs
  • Be a part of several projects (networking/ meeting companies)
  • Meet and network with people from different departments at Crowley Webb → understand their role in the big picture

Final thoughts –I feel really great about my internship. Working for a advertising agency is a great opportunity to gain wide variety of experience with different companies and clients. I’m excited to get started!