The past few months at Pegula Sports & Entertainment have been a whirlwind for me. My main goal coming into this internship was to broaden my skills to continue to be adaptable and versatile for a professional sports organization that runs the Bills, Sabres, and Bandits. Since then, I have done just that, utilizing every opportunity that comes my way, whether it is social media coverage, cutting and editing content, interviewing and writing articles, or even doing a voiceover for a commercial. I am proud to say that I have accomplished my goals and hope to continue to do so in the spring semester.

I am lucky enough to be interning with the team during the spring semester as well, and an area that I hope continues to grow for me is my role with the Buffalo Bandits. Their season just started, and throughout the year, I will have the opportunity to be the team’s beat reporter. Similar to Brian Duff’s job with the Buffalo Sabres, I will be doing practice reports for the team and conducting interviews with the players and coaching staff for social media. This will be a great hands-on experience to add to my reel and show to potential employers!

I feel like I have earned my stripes/proven my worth to the department as an asset that has made my co-workers trust me with important projects. It’s essential to me to build sustainable relationships with them as well because PSE is a place that I would love to intern with next year and work at after I graduate. In an incredibly competitive industry, I have always wanted to take full advantage of this opportunity to show that I have what it takes to work for a professional organization.

I won’t lie; it was tough to transition into at first being a full-time college student while balancing an internship in this capacity. Over time I built my schedule in a way that worked for both sides, and I am proud of myself that I gained so much experience in the past three months while potentially having my first 4.0 semester in college.

When I consider the semester as a whole, I have nothing but positive things to say about PSE and the internship with the Media & Content department. After this season comes to an end in the spring, I will have so many hands-on experiences that not many college students can have at their disposal like I have. Seeing what my interests were in the fall semester to find out my likes and dislikes helps me pave out a more defined plan for the second half of the year. Meaning, now I can hone my skills in an area where I would like to someday have a job as a team reporter/on-air studio host.

What I am most thankful for with this internship is if you make a positive impact, 95% of people either get hired in the company or with all of the contacts they have, they will help you get your next job. I love the position I am in, but I’m not satisfied yet. I want to continue to grow my skills throughout winter break and during the spring semester! Stay tuned for more updates with PSE.

To access some of the work I have done, click the links below: