This semester the Communication Department was able to host a networking event for its students as well as alumni at Canisius College. The event itself felt very cathartic as it was one of the biggest events the department has been able to host since the COVID-19 pandemic. People were able to return to Canisius in a much more welcome way in comparison to when they were rushed home the spring semester of 2020. HomeCOMing was like a literal homecoming in which people that did not get a chance to say goodbye were actually able to come back and get that chance back.

The event itself was very well planned out as it included high tables to signify where an alumni from a certain profession would be so students would able to go to them and ask questions. There was also food placed in the middle of the room, yet it did not distract from the various conversations going on around the room. More so I appreciated how there were not any chairs as it allowed for people to jump from one conversation to another and not feel bound to sitting at there table for the entirety of the night. In general there was a nice flow to the event and there was not at all any pressure to talk to only people from the profession that you wanted to go in.C

During my time at the event I got to talk to Emyle Watkins. We discussed her position at Buffalo’s NPR station and the types of assignments she does as well as the effects COVID has had on her getting her job and how she is able to do it during a time like this. Also during this time another 2020 graduate began talking with us and he was from the Channel 4. This was when the conversation really got interesting because I was able to compare their experiences at the different stations. Additionally, at this event I was able to run into Paul Knight, Michael Berg and Tessa P. and catch up with them and their own personal post grad life. Overall, this event really made me become aware of how close my own post grad life is and the abundance of opportunities I would have thanks to the Communication Department.

Lastly, what also made the event much more fun and engaging for me was when I was able to curate Instagram stories for the event. I was able to do this because I am currently in Dr. Wanzer’s COM 308: Social Media Effects class thus being able to create posts and content for the event. I feel that by doing this really allowed me to walk around more and be sociable during this event. I normally find myself getting shy in bigger crowds, yet I did not feel this way during this networking event. If anything I felt more comfort in being surrounded by my peers and the aspirations they pursue and are pursuing.